The Hospitality Leadership Forum East Africa is a peer-to-peer network event for East African Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality Institutions, and Lodges providing them with closed-door gathering and relevant strategic insights to innovatively tackle their biggest challenges in the Region. The Forum will consist of Pan East African Forum hosted in a hybrid format as part of The Hotel & Hospitality Show and Conference as well as additional digital touch points throughout the year.

The Hospitality Leadership Forum East Africa is an exclusive series of engagements between Hospitality Partners and Hotel Directors and GMs from all over East Africa offering annual round engagement. The Hospitality Leadership Forum engages with Hospitality Directors and Managers to support them in their daily responsibilities with leadership and industry expertise through post-forum reports and tailored content developed with and for the Members. This Regional Hospitality Forum is for you if you are a Hotel Director or GM of a Hotel or want to connect with other East African Hospitality Professionals and become part of an exclusive network of hospitality leaders shaping the future of East African’s Hospitality landscape

What it means to join the Summit

Joining this Exclusive Hospitality Conference and Expo Means:

  • Gatherings for peer-to-peer Hospitality Networking;
  • Access to discussions and insights to innovatively tackle Hospitality industry challenges in East Africa.
  • Engagement with Accredited Hospitality Facilitators to support you in your daily responsibilities.
  • Receiving collated Hospitality Industry Expertise and Strategic insights through post-forum reports.




THEME “Highlighting sustainable practices and responsible leadership”

Our Regional Hospitality Conference brings a dynamic mix of learning, development and in-depth hospitality industry debate from a range of leading thought leaders across the Hotel and Hospitality in East Africa.  Hotel General Managers and Directors will get the latest trends and key issues impacting the hospitality sector; discover the latest innovations, creativity and knowledge to drive them and the hospitality community forward in East Africa.

Main Conference Topics

  1. Innovation and Technology in Hospitality Leadership Leveraging technology for operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.The role of AI, IoT, and data analytics in hospitality leadership.
  2. Sustainable Leadership in Hospitality Sustainable practices, eco-friendly operations, and responsible tourism.How to integrate sustainability into hospitality leadership.
    4. Inclusive Leadership: Embracing Diversity in the Industry Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership and the workforce. Building a culture of belonging in hospitality organizations.
    5. Leading through Change: Adapting to Industry Trends Strategies for navigating trends like wellness tourism, experiential travel, and eco-consciousness. Leading organizational change and innovation.
    6. Crisis Management and Resilient Leadership Preparing for and responding to crises in the hospitality sector. Building resilience and crisis management frameworks.
    7. Culinary Excellence in Hospitality Leadership, Leadership in culinary and F&B operations.
    Trends in culinary innovation and dining experiences.
    8. Environmental Responsibility and Green Initiatives, Sustainability practices, green certifications, and eco-conscious leadership.Sustainable sourcing and waste reduction in hospitality.
    10. Leadership in Luxury Hospitality: Creating Unforgettable Experiences
    – The art of luxury hospitality, from personalized service to exclusive amenities.
    – Leading luxury brands and boutique properties.